Power Flushing in Wimbledon




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Restore peak plumping performance

If your home heating is less efficient than it used to be, you notice rooms taking longer to warm up or find radiators feeling cold at the bottom, these could be signs of a sluggish heating system clogged with debris.

Give your radiators a new lease on life – Get in touch with our heating engineers in Wimbledon to arrange a free consultation.

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Revitalise Your Heating System

What starts off as a slight inconvenience can mean higher heating bills and an increased risk of boiler breakdowns further down the line. Power flushing serves as a highly effective solution of restoring your heating system by removing built-up sludge, allowing hot water to circulate freely.

This both ensures even heat distribution and extends the lifespan of your boiler.


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Unlock Comfort and Savings

Power flushing stands as a cost-effective investment that significantly improves your home's comfort and saves you money in the long run, and PWA's heating engineers in Wimbledon are here to help.