Heat Pump Installations in Wimbledon




a man installing heat air pump units outside of a brick property

Embrace sustainable comfort

Looking to ditch your updated boiler and embrace a more sustainable and cost-efficient way to heat your home? Consider an air source heat pump, a modern solution to heating homes.

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a heat pump installed outside a property against a white wall


Embrace Eco-Friendly Heating

Unlike traditional boilers that burn gas to generate heat, air source heat pumps extract heat from the outside air, even at low temperatures, which is then efficiently transferred to your central heating system and hot water to provide an eco-friendly way to warm your home. This translates to substantial reductions in your heating bill, a lower carbon footprint for your property and comfort all year round.


a metal heat pump installed in a garden outside a wooden property


Enhancing Your Heating System with Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps can also be seamlessly integrated with your existing central heating system, working as a primary heat source or supplementing your current boiler during peak demand.

Our heat pump installations in Wimbledon start with a thorough assessment of your needs and hot water requirements, serving as the foundation for a customised solution tailored to your needs.